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About me

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2012 - 2024

An experienced professional with over 8 years of experience in industrial design, design research and design strategy in multinational companies such as Honeywell, Ford, and Naxnova. My expertise spans both B2B enterprise software as a product and B2C consumer goods industries, demonstrating my versatility and adaptability in various market sectors.

Naxnova, Ford Motor Company

As an Industrial designer, a significant part of my role was to conduct design research studies (qualitative and quantitative) and design consumer goods products for Ford Motor Company and Naxnova and foster collaboration with internal and external customers. I have delivered world-class user experience to Ford's Explorer 2020, and Lincoln Navigator 2018 by conducting comprehensive design research studies such as benchmarking, field visits, market research on Ford's in-vehicle experience and delivering interior electronic components such as infotainment system upgrade (SYNC 3 to SYNC 4), Transmission console, steering wheel, Fascia and door trims.


As a user experience researcher for Honeywell where my key responsibility was to conduct design research studies (qualitative and quantitative), UX competitor analysis, and customer advocacy workshops. I have contributed to improving the user experience of Honeywell’s Forge Performance+ SaaS portfolio for connected building, connected Aerospace and life science.


My role also involved peer-reviewing UX design solutions put forth by a dynamic team of 5-7 designers and design supervisors. In addition to this, I have mentored a diverse group of 20-25 participants, including engineering directors, UX designers, technical product owners, and product managers, imparting them with knowledge on design thinking and UX research methodology.


In my non-working time, I enjoy cooking and writing on GenAI, foresight future, and design research methodologies for publication media such as UX Matter, UX Planet, and Medium, and own a publication named "Thinkers of Thinking" on LinkedIn.



Master of Art
Savannah College of Art and Design, USA

Industrial and product design


Post Graduate Diploma

MIT World Peace University,  India

Product design


Bachelor of Technology

Punjab Technical University,


Mechanical engineering


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Management skills


Research and strategy:

  1. Strategic thinking

  2. Persuasion

  3. Embracing diversity

  4. Managing others

  5. Relationship building

  6. Mentorship/coaching

  7. Project management

  8. Collaboration

  9. Critical thinking

  10. Adaptability

  1. Hotjar

  2. Confluence

  3. Jira

  4. Slack

  5. Figma

  6. Adobe XD

  7. Mural/ Miro

  8. MS Office 365

  9. HTML/ CSS (basic)

  10. Google Analytics 

  11. User Testing/ User Zoom

  12.  Optimal Workshop

  1. Alias- Class A surfacing

  2. Keyshot

  3. Rhino

  4. Solidworks- Part and assembly

  5. Adobe Photoshop

  6. Catia

  1. Planning and conducting generative and evaluative research studies

  2. Mixed-method, quantitative and qualitative research methodology

  3. Trends analysis/ UX competitor analysis/  technical literature reviews

  4. Syntheses/ data analysis

  5. Usability testing/ personas/ storyboarding/ journey mapping

  6. Card sorting/ tree testing/ AB testing

  7. Heuristic evaluation

  8. SUS/ Surveys design.

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